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Retired Cop Car Gets Sent! Right Off A Cliff

Boys and girls, we have decided to nominate this as the official way to retire any vehicle from service. While seeing a car crushed in the junk yard will always be cool, and of course, there’s a special place in our heart for those cars lucky enough to be chosen for Monster Jam obstacles, this is just cooler, especially for cars that are still running.

Instead of pushing this outgoing cop car into a salvage yard to rust away, these guys knocked the glass out of this car – to protect the wildlife and any hikers that may wander across the landing zone, and aimed the car carefully toward the quarry pond below. I’m not sure if they intended on the car making it all the way into the pond, of if the water just makes for a nice backdrop for the stunt, but either way, they positioned the car and dropped a brick onto the accelerator pedal.

With nothing between the car and cliff but air and opportunity, the Crown Vic’s throaty V8 powered the car rapidly toward the edge of the cliff. As if on cue, the car’s hood popped open just as it neared the launch ramp, adding a bit of comic humor to the already awesome stunt. Traveling at what appeared to be about 45 miles per hour, the car hit the angled edge of the cliff and flew into the air, launching on an impressive trajectory that carried it several hundred feet down he steep embankment.

I’m not gonna lie, this looks like a scene straight out of a Dukes of Hazzard reboot and I’d certainly love to see the ol’ Duke Cousins back in action, so maybe this will reach the right person in Hollywood and push them to get to work on making a better remake of the movie, or a reboot of the show!

Maybe this time, let’s bring in Travis Pastrana to consult on the stunts, and maybe see about lining up Margot Robbie to play the starring role of Daisy Duke!