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Is the Model Y the Tesla We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Moving into the 2020 auto market, the complete scope of the electric vehicle segment seems like it’s going to change. Before this year, Tesla was the only real competitor in said market. Sure, there were a couple of other manufacturers who threw their hat in the ring. However, they only made up a very small fraction of the pie of sales that is the electric vehicle market.

As the days roll forward, though, it seems like some of the big players in the automotive space are going to take a more serious shot at the EV. While Tesla has been a couple of steps ahead here, it doesn’t look like they’re going to slow down anytime soon. Instead, they look to continue holding on to that massive market share. In order to do this, they’re going to continue introducing new models.

One of the latest to be delivered to customers is the Tesla Model Y. Essentially, the Model Y appears to be a slightly more affordable and smaller version of the Model X. Essentially, for those familiar with the brand, the Model Y will be to the Model X as the Model 3 is to the model S. Make sense?

The Model Y might not be the most hyped-up Tesla of the year. It’s kind of hard to compete with something like the Cybertruck. However, the Model Y might just sneak under the radar to become one of the best sellers. What the vehicle lacks in flashiness, it should make up for in functionality. This is really what the average American consumer is looking for.

This time, Doug DeMuro takes the opportunity to dig into the Model Y. The long-awaited Tesla is finally going under the microscope and we’re going to be able to see what this thing is all about. After checking out this intense review, what do you think of the newest Tesla model? Is this a vehicle that’s going to be on your radar?