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Meet The Revolutionary Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Truck

Meet The Revolutionary Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Truck

As the calendar has rolled over to 2020, the automotive landscape is looking rather fresh. In the past couple of years, actually, it has developed to a place that many probably were unable to predict. It’s an exciting time as the electric vehicle market really seems to have snuck up on us. As the market has begun to explode, we see all sorts of newcomers jumping into the action.

One of the most exciting things about the recent trends is that it’s not all major manufacturers making this jump. Instead, with companies like Tesla leading the way, we find that all the others are going to enter the market in a similar time frame.

For example, with the release of something like the Rivian R1T, we’re going to see it on the streets around the same time as the majors. These majors have had a grasp on the industry direction for as long as we can remember. Maybe it’s finally someone else’s time to shine. Maybe the Nikola Badger will be that model to help a new brand emerge.

Recently, we learned that yet another competitor is going to be jumping into the game. From the brand that goes by “Nikola,” we will see the Badger electric pickup. The truck offers up 600 miles of range. This comes from 300 miles of battery power and a blend of hydrogen power as well.

So is this thing going to live up to the required toughness of a truck? We get some pretty heavy promises from its ambassadors. From what they tell us, the truck isn’t going to give up any of the rigidity and muscle that we have come to expect from our trucks.

In their press release, Nikola promises “The electric pickup is designed to handle what a construction company could throw at it and is engineered to outperform all-electric pickup trucks on the market in both continuous towing, HP and range.”

The truck is said to be able to power a construction site for 12 hours without the need for a generator.

As far as performance figures go, we will see the machine rocket from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. This will come with 906 peak hp and 908 peak lb-ft of torque.

For those interested, the pickup truck will be unveiled in September at Nikola World 2020. It will be available for reservations shortly after.