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Viral Clips Have TikTok Freaking Out Over the “Skinny Car”

Viral Clips Have TikTok Freaking Out Over the "Skinny Car"

The internet has been known to perpetuate a lot of weird phenomena. Sometimes, these stories are made up. Other times, though, they just amplify how weird real life can truly be. In this case, it looks to be the latter as video-sharing app TikTok brought us a car that really appears to be too skinny to believe.

Outside, the vehicle looks almost as if someone took a car and cut the entire center section out of it. After fusing the two sides of the car together, we get a thin and long fuselage.

The caption accompanying the video alludes to the idea that people were calling it out as fake, citing some sort of optical illusion. However, with the walk-around of the car up close, this thing appears to be the very real deal.

@vistoenlasredes74Para los que decían que era un montaje, ver videos anteriores en mi perfil ##cars♬ La Jeepeta – Nio Garcia & Brray & JuanKa

We would think that, after being able to see more angles of the car, that we would get a little bit more clarity on what exactly was going on with it. However, with a second video that gets even closer, even showing the interior of the vehicle, we can’t help but be more confused.

Inside, we find the likes of what appears to be a gas and brake pedal out of a golf cart. However, the rest of the interior appears to have been made for the car. It just looks like a regular car except shrunken down a little bit.

Perhaps, after checking out the pair videos for yourself, maybe someone can shed some light on what exactly is going on with this obscure creation.

@vistoenlasredes74El coche más raro que he visto,ha sido hecho por el dueño 😂😂😂♬ Agua (Music from “Sponge on the Run” Movie) – Tainy & J Balvin