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Ricer Kid Wants To Run 95 Pounds Of Boost So He Can Take Down a Twin Turbo Corvette

We’ve said it before and obviously it still holds true even after years of making themselves look ridiculous: Ricers say the damndest things! This guy’s claims are so absurd that it almost feel like he’s trolling, but he could just be that stupid. We’ll let you guys decide which you think it is!

Many years ago, in a parking lot far away, a group of enthusiasts gathered to talk a little smack about their rides while waiting to see if some racing might take place. If you’re a car guy, you’ve been here. Not this parking lot in particular, but in any town from coast to coast where car guys meet up to check out each other’s ride, plan out some low key street racing, and run their mouths in the meantime. In the darkened corners of these parking lots, some of the tallest tales ever told come to life, such as this one shared by a guy who drops some of the most insane numbers, it’ll make you cringe just listening to what all he has planned for his ride.

We don’t even know what his ride is, and from his outlandish claims, it’s hard to even narrow down what kind of powerplant he has, since he claims it’s only running on four cylinders, but apparently it has 4 more, they’re just not running yet. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to take that to mean he only built half the engine, if he’s planning to run a pair of four-bangers together, or if the build is just so messed up that only 4 cylinders are firing.

He then mentions boost, and throws out some numbers that have me personally thinking he missed a decimal place. He had a goal of 95 pounds, but was only able to crank out 77 PSI. Is that on the first 4 of 8 cylinders? I’m not sure how this works! It would make a lot more sense if he fell a couple of pounds short of his 9.5 PSI goal and was only able to make 7.7 pounds.

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think, so let us know in the comments. Is this guy for real? Or was he trolling the camera guy all along?

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