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🎥 Richard Rawlings films New TV show Garage Rehab

Pretty much anyone in the car community could tell you all about who Richard Rawlings is and probably tell you a little bit about his shop, “Gas Monkey Garage” and the television show that revolves around it in Fast N’ Loud. Rawlings has pretty much managed to climb to the top of his field and has done it in style, so what’s next for the icon? He has to be working on another venture, right?

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Now, as any successful entrepreneur would tell you, it’s always a good idea to have your fingers in all kinds of baskets to diversify and make sure that your ship stays afloat no matter what. We can already see Richard doing that with all of the ventures that go alongside his current business that range from restaurants to tequila and now, he’s taking on another venture entirely.

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This time, Richard is starting something new but he isn’t veering too far away from his roots in the car culture. Instead, he is staying close to home and has decided to take another perspective on the industry to try to help some people out while molding a new television show to spread some good around the community at shops that might need a little bit of help.

Basically, the premise of his new reality show is to head around the country and find good stories of shops that are working hard but just need a little bit of help to push them over the edge to profitability and attempt to give them a little knowledge that they need to make all of that potential get nice and shined up. Basically, think HGTV meets gears and oil. Check out the video below as we get a little taste of what you can expect to see this upcoming summer on the Discovery Channel! Are you going to be checking this show out?


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