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Ride Along On-Board for Quickest Pass in TX2k History – Underground Racing

Ride Along On-Board for Quickest Pass in TX2k History
With a company like Underground Racing, we simply can’t help but constantly be impressed.

With every single creation that they concoct, these things just get better and better. Just when we thought that a Lamborghini creating thousands of horsepower couldn’t get any more exciting, we find more builds and records that really come to life.

This time, we check out an amazing machine that stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. The particular “park” in question this time was none other than the competition at TX2k.

TX2k has become very well known for its roll racing, bringing some of the most incredible cars in the world together. These powerhouses rocket their way down the track to the tune of over 200 mph at times. Seeing is believing as the potent machines really make magic happen.

This time, we check out the quickest car in the history of TX2k roll racing.

We believe that it’s also the quickest in the event’s history across all formats.

With over 3500 hp cranking away at 10,000 RPM, the Lamborghini Huracan laid down a 236 mph slobber knocker. Kevin Howeth piloted the Drag965 UGR build as it managed a 1.5G average on the pass. From what we’re told, this pass was done at about 80% power. The full 3500 hp wasn’t accomplished until high gear, either. Just imagine what this pass had to feel like behind the wheel.

When we follow along with the video below, we get a truly special treat for the senses. The angle sits us behind the wheel of this amazing machine as it goes up against another dream machine.

The crew over at Calvo Motorsports creates some of the world’s most incredible SVT Vipers and this one was no different.

VOLUME UP! Must watch, over 3500HP and over 10,000RPM’s at 236mph (event record) 80% power from the @drag965 Underground Racing build that dominated TX2K with Kevin Howeth at pilot. Aprox 1.5 G average! 3500+ HP wasn’t until high gear. This was in an elimination round against a monster 2500+ Viper built by the best street Viper builders on the planet @calvomotorsports

Posted by Underground Racing on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Watch as the 3500 hp UGR Lambo meets the 2500 hp Calvo Viper in an elimination round. We have to say that, as viewers here, we’re absolutely feeling the adrenaline.

First pass off the transport trailer from the Huracan that DOMINATED the Roll Race event at tx2k, The 3500+HP @drag965 Underground Racing Huracan X3 version sent a message from its first shake down pass of 236 mph. John Reed Seb my Kevin Howeth at 80% power and that was enough to set the fastest speed that the event has ever had, the previous records were held by Underground Racing and the most recent was 229 two years ago by @kchoweth in the yellow @drag965 Huracan. After that pass John set the power back to 60% and ran another two passes just under 220. After rumors being spread from a sore GTR tuner that the clocks were not right on the 236 pass, we decided to put the power back to 80% and EVERY pass in eliminations. It went (over) 230mph on every pass and it reset that speed record on an eliminations pass at over 236mph. Keep in mind this Huracan is full weight with 18/19" toyo and hoosier street tires. This Huracan could drive across the country and back as it is a true street car. Plenty more video coming soon.

Posted by Underground Racing on Saturday, March 14, 2020

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