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Ride Along as McLaren Senna Goes Full Send at the Nurburgring

There aren’t a whole lot of cars that eclipse the seven-figure mark. However, the McLaren Senna is one machine that costs more than the vast majority of homes across the world. With a price tag that rings in at $1 million, this thing is sure to pack a heavy punch.

The crazy part about such a car is that many examples are probably stored away and only driven on sunny days. Seeing the track is definitely not something that a portion of Senna owners are going to do. We can definitely see how someone would want to baby such an investment. However, as one might’ve guessed, here at Speed Society, we have a little bit different philosophy.

Luckily for us, this time, the Senna in question isn’t being stashed away in a garage. Instead, it’s being hurled around the race track in the fashion which it was built to be hurled. With cars like this, it can be easy to see what they do on paper. The numbers behind the Senna will be quick to impress. However, seeing what it can actually do in real life is a whole lot different than just reading about the car.

This time, as we follow along with Misha Charoudin on YouTube, we get to see what the Senna is really capable of. The Nurburgring is one of those tracks that has a wide variety of challenges within. In fact, that’s what it has become most known for. While there are tons of challenging tracks across the world, the ring has become synonymous with the widest variety of obstacles to overcome. Therefore, we get to watch as this hypercar has its chops tested against the infamous.

Usually, testing on the ring is a game of “give and take.” However, it seems like the Senna isn’t giving an inch to the storied race track.

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