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Ride Along On A 200 MPH Moto GP Run With World Champion Valentino Rossi

Ride Along On A 200 MPH Moto GP Run With World Champion Valentino Rossi

Let’s start by introducing you to the legend that is Valentino Rossi, Rossi is a multiple time World Champion Moto GP racer. The only racer to ever win Championships in four different classes. Having completed the feat in 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, and MOTO Gp. Holing 9 Grand Prix World Championships, 7 of which are in the premier class of motorcycle racing. Rossi had an unbelievable run of dominance that saw him win 5 straight world championships.

For those of you who are not familiar with MotoGP it is the premier motorcycle racing series and the deadliest form of racing on the planet. With riders seeing speeds as high as 200 miles per hour, with no safety harness, no roll cage, just their bodies, leather, and a helmet to keep them safe. These daredevils truly lay it all on the line. The Qatar Grand Prix is a fixture of the MotoGP season since being introduced in 2004, having the first night race in the series history in 2008, and becoming the inaugural race of the season since then. Rossi has won the event a whopping 4 times, 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2015

In this video you can ride along with Valentino who is widely considered to be the best to ever race a motorcycle as he tackles the famed Qatar Grand Prix. As he leans through each corner often touching the ground at speeds in excess of 80 MPH he throws his bike around with his body weight you can watch the MPH gauge (the smaller number below the K/mh) reach insane speeds. The factory Yamaha rider climbs through the gears accelerating to an insane 208 miles per hour! One of our favorite parts of the video is watching just how quickly Rossi handles the course, making everything seem like a blur. It’s safe to say the sport of Motorcycle racing isn’t for us, but it’s impressive to watch!