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Ride Along With Street Outlaws In The “Bass Ackwards Race”

When it comes to racing in any format, there are a ton of variables to consider. Throwing another confusing metric into the mix is certainly one way to make sure mayhem ensues. With the “Bass Ackwards” race, it appears as if that’s precisely what the goal was. Instead of having steering oriented normally, this time, we see what happens when the controls are reversed. That’s right, instead of going right when the driver steers right, the car is veering left and vice versa.

To make things even more interesting, this bass-ackwards car has quite the trio inside piloting it. It seems like more of a team effort than anything as Chuck Seitzinger, Farmtruck, and AZN try to get down how to pilot this rig. Even as guys who race cars professionally, this seems like quite the uphill battle.

As we’ve come to expect when Farmtruck and AZN are in the mix, hilarity is on the way as well. From going through a field to a quick little “Chinese Firedrill,” we can’t help but laugh all the way through. This in-car footage gives us another level of appreciation to the footage that we saw of the race when it aired on Street Outlaws.

By following along below, we’re immersing ourselves in quite a hectic racing experience. Just when we thought that the nerves and stout competition in a normal race were at an all-time high, just imagine the pressure of steering being countered. After watching this one, we have to say that it takes some real confidence to try and wheel this car at any substantial rate of speed. One false move, which seems incredibly easy to make, and it’s going on a wild ride. There’s no telling where this thing is going to land when all is said and done!