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Ride Along With the Most Exciting Part of Giving Away a 900 WHP CTS-V

Giving away a car might seem like a simple task. However, the reality of it all is that there are a lot of elements and planning involved in such a process. Not only does this involve building the structure of the giveaway but in our case, we also try to modify the giveaway car just right which is a process all its own.

Here at Speed Society, our goal isn’t only to give away some of the most amazing machines to ever touch the streets. We also want to make sure that these powerhouses on wheels are a little bit spicy and tailored to the wants of our fans.

Even with all of the effort invested, though, there is one moment that makes all of it truly worth it. When the winner of each contest shows up at Speed Society headquarters for the VIP experience, the look on their faces and the vibe of enjoyment as they get behind the wheel of their new car creates a feeling that is second to none.

With our latest giveaway, a gentleman by the name of Jadon Austin would go home with an insane Cadillac CTS-V. In fact, Phantom V has been modified with the help of our friends over at Vengeance Racing to the tune of 700 hp at the rear wheels. Just when some thought that maybe the third generation CTS-V was the best that luxury performance could get, we just had to go ahead and make it a little bit better.

By following along with the video below, you can join in on the VIP experience for yourself. This one shows off exactly what it’s like to win a Speed Society giveaway as the winner shows up with nothing but a suitcase filled with clothes and leaves with one of the most amazing cars that we could concoct.

For those interested in getting in on the action for themselves, our upcoming giveaway is a 850 hp Nissan GT-R that really lays down the power like a boss. Click Here to find out how to win for yourself!

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