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Turning a Police Van Into a “Call of Duty Cold War” Gaming Truck

When it comes to the leaders in building custom machines, West Coast Customs is definitely a good place to look. Over the years, they have definitely built their fair share of one-off creations.

From the Pimp My Ride era that they would probably rather forget all the way up to some of the more recent builds for higher-end clientele, nobody is arguing with the fact that West Coast Customs definitely has a diverse skill set when it comes to custom creations on four wheels, even if some have a cotton candy machine in the trunk.

This time, we dive into yet another custom creation that they’re putting together for a title that a lot of people probably recognize. In order to really get the ball rolling on the latest Call of Duty game in “Call of Duty Cold War,” the brand behind the game wanted the ultimate piece of marketing.

After enlisting the help of famous gamers, Faze Clan and even rapper, Lil Yachty, the brand decided that they wanted to put their game on the go. In order to do this, they would create a machine that would allow potential customers to play the game from the outside of the vehicle.

It seems like the aim is to have a couple of celebrities help draw some attention to the brand. Making a flashy yet functional truck would be key in achieving just that goal.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with a little bit of West Coast magic as they head to the drawing board to really try to make this COD truck pop to life with flavor. For those taking notes, this might even be an opportunity to learn a little something about marketing and how the best in the game do it.