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Ridiculous Heavyweight Tug Of War Champs!

We’ve seen plenty of badass tug of war videos, but we’ve never seen anything like THIS! At Rednecks with Paychecks Tug of War Competition, there were some of the most insane tug trucks imaginable, all lining up to take a shot at each other to establish the one true king.

TripleXMotorsports caught all of the action and uploaded it for all to enjoy. While it looks like the massive green Ford dually is going to establish itself as the king, it runs into a semi-style rig that takes 2 of 3 pulls, unseating the green giant. From there, we see some more action from the big rigs with some deuce and a half-on-deuce and a half tow off. With both rigs experiencing some issues with bouncing, they decided to load one of them up with fans to see if that helps, and the added weight proves to be the difference maker.

All in all this is some great fun and luckily no trucks were harmed or damaged!