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Riding On A Long Tail Boat With A Turbocharged Isuzu Diesel Engine

When it comes to the creations from around the world, you really never know what you’re going to get as it seems like some areas might have a sort of speciality that will certainly blow your mind. For example, we all know that Australia is the burnout capital of the world and if you go down there, you’re going to see some of the best tire shredders that the car community has to offer! It can get pretty wild as those guys really go above and beyond, all in the name of putting on a show and destroying as many tires as possible in the process.

This time, however, we check out an area that has also become known for producing some performance machines that are incredibly off-the-wall as we take a walk on the wild side in Thailand, checking out one creation that is absolutely guaranteed to blow your mind or your money back! Seriously, this thing really doesn’t look like much as the boat is rather small and quite narrow, much like something that you’d find putting around in a pond, however, what they have strapped to the back changes the equation up entirely.

If you check out the video down below, you’ll be able just what happens when a big old diesel engine is strapped to the back of such a small vessel, creating what looks to be the optimal scenario of power and lack of weight, making this thing takes off with a vengeance, almost to the point where it looks like it’s about to lift up out of the water and go for a wild ride! I’m not sure about you but it would take me a moment to get up enough courage to go full throttle on a contraption like this. Would you be daring enough to try it out for yourself?