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Ring Of Exotic Car Thieves Busted By A Longshot!

I think that most of us can agree that thieves suck. There’s certainly no way of painting somebody in a good light who is out there making a living by ripping off other people. Therefore, when we get to hear a story that brings one of these low lives down, we’re foaming at the mouth. When it falls into our world of automobiles, the story is even more entertaining to listen to. This time, it sounds almost like a movie as Rob Ferretti takes us along for his personal experience with a ring of exotic car thieves.

Those who are familiar with Rob know that one of the ways that he makes his money is through an exotic car rental business. He’s told us stories of renting cars to celebrities and all sorts of other debacles that the business has put him in the way of. However, this time, Rob explains to us what it’s like to have rented a vehicle to somebody who isn’t really on the up and up. To the untrained listener, it might seem like an easy situation to avoid. However, after Rob does some explaining, it’s pretty easy to see how somebody could be tricked into falling into the trap.

By following along with the VINWiki story below, we get to hear all about how Rob rented a car and before he knew it, it was heading straight to Baltimore from sunny Florida. On a short-term rental, Rob immediately felt as if this was a situation that didn’t quite add up. However, it still provided quite its fair share of hoops to jump through. At the end of the day, luckily, things would end up panning out for the better but in a way that we didn’t quite expect. Somehow, though, by sheer chance, Rob would end up stumbling his way into a situation that was a little bit bigger than he had anticipated.