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Ripping Down the Autobahn in a Brand New 2020 Toyota Supra

At times, a powerful car can be a little bit of a tease. Sure, the short accelerations can be rather rewarding. After all, not many performance enthusiasts behind the wheel of a powerful sports car are going to turn down the opportunity to accelerate at full throttle down an entrance ramp to the highway. However, really stretching out the legs on some of these cars can get us in trouble. With posted speed limits that rarely see 70 MPH here in the United States, going much faster can get expensive.

It really leaves a lot of untapped potential on the table.

However, taking off to Germany has proven to provide an answer to this need for speed. This time, the subject in question is no other than the latest and greatest Toyota Supra. 2020 has proven to be a rather fruitful year as far as new car releases go. One of the front runners in the group of vehicles to get excited about is the next generation of one of the most iconic sports cars of all time.

At this point in time, it really seems like people have taken a liking to the Supra. This time, we’re going to watch as the volume is cranked up just a little bit on the 482 hp coupe, though. When introducing the machine to the likes of the Autobahn, things get a little bit of a twist thrown into the mix.

Back in the heyday of YouTube, things were a lot less complicated. We watched videos that were based on purely brutal accelerations and screaming exhausts. Things were simpler. With this one, we think that we get the essence of those simpler times as we feel the raw performance of the platform. If this one doesn’t send a chill down your spine as a Supra fan, we’re not sure what will!