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Ripping on Thin Ice in a Maverick X3 With Studded Tires

One of the best parts about the world of motorized toys is that there are all sorts of different options out there. Depending on the task at hand and just how quickly one wants to go, there are a variety of different choices that can really crank up the adrenaline. Perhaps, one of our favorites is the world of side-by-sides.

Not only are these things incredibly functional. Sure, that’s one part of the equation for somebody who might be looking to get a little bit of utility out of their side-by-side. On the other hand, though, they definitely have a fun side that’s ready to be tapped into.

Not only are these machines built to be a blast straight from the factory. Instead, there is a wide variety of aftermarket options available for them as well. Therefore, it might stand to reason that somebody could take an already fun toy and really crank up the intensity with things like suspension, wheels and tires, and even sound systems.

This time, we check in with CBoysTV as they take on the likes of a Can-Am Maverick X3. In this particular demonstration, they take a ride on what they’re calling thin ice. With the help of studded tires, though, the side-by-side is able to grip the surface of the ice, slinging the vehicle around without sliding.

By following along with the video below, we get the opportunity to join in on this winter wonderland adventure. This is definitely an example of making the most of all seasons. Just because snow is falling from the sky isn’t to say that the outdoor motorsports enthusiast’s playtime has to come to an end. Instead, we might even argue that such a season could just get the fun started. It certainly looks like the CBoys have it figured out!