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Rivian R1T Electric Truck Breaks Internet with Wild “Tank Turn” Donuts

It seems like the current state of affairs with the latest vehicles is trying to figure out what’s next in electric. The technology is starting to come around and really gather some stout competition. It would appear as if the next big endeavor is to tackle the world of electric pickup trucks. It’ll be incredibly interesting to see how this all pans out. We can’t help but be excited that new competitors have presented themselves. The electric class leaders in Tesla have also brought out the big guns with the Cybertruck.

While most of the recent news in electric pickup trucks has surrounded Tesla’s offering, this time, it’s something a little bit different. Instead, we take a trip over to the Rivian camp.

Both offerings from Rivian in the R1T (pickup) and R1S (SUV) will come equipped with quad electric motors. This means that each wheel will be able to be controlled separately. In the real world, this will help with things like traction control. If each wheel is able to react to the conditions and adjust, it could provide ultimate utility.

However, in the world of fun having, the technology might just be put to use in a different way. In their latest piece of social media marketing, the company shows us that the R1T is capable of a “tank turn.”

Essentially, because each track on a tank is controlled separately, sending one forward any other backward will make it spin on a pivot. Naturally, combustion-powered vehicles aren’t able to do this. In these applications, both sides are controlled by the same force. However, with the electric power behind the Rivian, the tank turn comes to life! The video below shows us exactly how!

After watching that’s, it makes us wonder if the truck could somehow manage a burnout with the front wheels in the opposite direction of the rear wheels. Think about it, Rivian!