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RJ Anderson’s “Visions” Puts a RZR to the Test in the Snowy Abyss

What it comes to toys like a UTV, there’s a lot you can do with them and this time, the particular UTV on tap is none other than a Polaris RZR. We have seen these things push the limits as they have made nearly vertical climbs, been thrown into the air, and pushed to incredible speed as they’ve ripped through deserts, forests, and sand dunes alike. However, in this one, we have to take a look at a RZR in a situation that might be unlike what you’ve seen of the tiny beasts before as it tackles the snow and we have the pleasure of being able to see what such a vehicle in action looks like with none other than RJ Anderson behind the wheel.

Normally, you can expect Anderson behind the wheel of a bit bigger off-road machine but in this one, it’s a look at the all-star driver in something more compact as he absolutely pushes this RZR to the absolute limit and we get a little bit of a taste of that driving in his upcoming flick that’s known as “Visions.”

Being able to watch RJ absolutely rip on this thing is definitely a pleasure as he really flexes the muscles on his machine while it plows through the snow, not even seeming like it has any hesitation to go head-to-head with the adverse terrain as the machine really falls into its own.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll check out a diabolical situation that certainly puts some of the most entertaining factors together from driver to machine to environment and maximizes the entertainment. After seeing Anderson ripping through all of the aforementioned obstacles that might stand in his way, be sure to tell us what you think of how this whole thing came together for him.