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Playing Bumper Cars in Dallas Traffic Gone Wrong

Playing Bumper Cars in Dallas Traffic Gone Wrong

Most of us have had moments behind the wheel that we probably aren’t proud of. Most of the time, fortunately, these moments pass rather quickly. These fits might’ve come in kicking and screaming as somebody cut us off. Perhaps they might include laying on the horn to prove a point. Luckily, most of the situations never really amount to anything. Most of the time, they just pass over as quickly as they come about. It’s hard to have a level head sometimes in traffic. However, no matter how angry we get, we’re not sure what it would take to push us to this level.

Today, we take a peek at a pair of drivers who got caught in Dallas traffic. Before we know it, they simply took things too far. Normally, one party will give into the other and realize that a spot in traffic simply isn’t that important. However, when the driver of a Chevrolet HHR and the driver of a Subaru WRX wanted the same spot, they wouldn’t give in. Instead, they both kept moving along, even though two vehicles were physically attempting to occupy the same space. It doesn’t necessarily take an expert in physics to understand the fact that this simply isn’t possible.

As a result, we watch a couple of cars playing bumper cars in a busy highway traffic area. One driver even hopped out of his vehicle during the altercation in order to smash the other vehicle. In his hand, it appears as if he’s wielding some sort of machete or a bat. From there, things get worse as one of the vehicles gets ran into and turned around.

We’re not sure how most handle being a little bit upset in traffic but these drivers went off the handle. Personally, we think that both of them would be a lot happier if they had just given a little bit of room to the other. I’m not sure that there are too many situations that pan out like this and end up being worth it.