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SEMA Top 10 – #5 Roadster Shop Camaro

Top 10 of SEMA 2015 – #5 Roadster Shop Camaro

Roadster Shop has been known for years for building some of the baddest rides in the country. Last year they brought a few game changers to SEMA with the Hellfish ‘Cuda, the Sliced Charger and this Camaro they named Rampage. Last year the car was barely finished and it wasn’t completely how they wanted it, but they brought it and blew everybody’s minds. This year is comes back, but now it is truly done. It has been tried, tested and it has succeeded. Underneath this article you’ll see a video of this monstrosity tearing up the Blackhawk Farms Raceway. SEMA 2015 was another good year for Roadster Shop with their ColoRADo Prerunner which is beyond cool. If this car hadn’t been there in 2014, it may have been pushed to our #1 spot, but we had to make a spot for it in the SEMA Top 10

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The cars that Roadster Shop builds are meant to be used. They are not just show cars that look like something out of a museum, they work. This is a prime example. With custom push-rod independent suspension in the front and rear, this thing is an absolute monster on the track. They use Penske cantilevered adjustable coil-overs to spring this thing just right.

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The key to this ride may be the suspension, but the car has a ridiculous amount of carbon components to keep the weight down and absolutely nuts aero. The nose, hood, trunk lid, stupid wide fenders, rockers and diffusers are all made out of carbon fiber. The more you look at it, the more you see. They didn’t just throw a cookie-cutter suspension and an LS1 in this thing. They went all out.

Power comes via a potent LS7 pushing 617hp and 575 lb-ft of torque to fat P335/30ZR18 Hoosiers in the back. The entire car is built to go fast and look good doing it. I can’t wait to see them take this thing out to race and stomp the competition. The guys at Roadster Shop don’t play around when it comes to their halo builds and this is definitely one for the books. Click HERE to view the rest of the SEMA Top 10 picks!

WATCH this Video below of Rampage in ACTION!