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Rob Ferretti Talks Swapping Parts on Rental Cars

Among the industries that one could choose to have a business, the rental car industry is one where proprietors better know their stuff. Let’s just say that as a business owner, it can be pretty easy to be taken advantage of here. With the way that people can be when they think that nobody’s looking, parts can find a way to disappear.

It seems as if it has become a trend for people looking for tires to simply steal them off of a rental car. We wouldn’t recommend doing that because not only is it a crime but it also doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle. In turn, it definitely makes said thief a complete scumbag.

With people being people, of course, it’s something that has certainly come to life. This means that it’s a new concern for those renting out cars to pay attention to.

For Rob Ferretti, he would end up in just that situation. In this one, Rob found a piece of evidence that would lead him to do a little bit of researching. After discovering that a wheel lock was missing off of one of his rental Porsches, he eventually noticed that one tire didn’t match the rest. While it was on-brand, the manufacture date was a couple of years older than the vehicle and the other tires. Naturally, adding 2+2 together here would lead Rob to believe that someone had swapped the tire.

It’s not clear if this was theft or if somebody damaged the tire and decided that they would replace it on their own. At the end of the day, it seems like it’s something a little bit sketchy, though.

Rob tells us that he was replacing the tires anyway and didn’t necessarily care. However, it’s certainly something to watch out for as the owner of a rental car. Rob includes the fact that he has learned to take pictures of all the cars before renting them out. He notes that such a practice had helped him before when someone attempted to make off with an expensive headlight.