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Robbers Blow The Doors Off Bank Armored Truck In Highway Traffic

This video would seem to be straight out of a bank robber movie like the Italian Job or Heat but I assure you that this situation is far from a Hollywood movie! It all starts with just a simple traffic jam but quickly turns into a Grand Theft Auto style heist, leaving all subtlety out of the equation. Long story short, a group of bank robbers blew up a cash transit van along the busy highway R24 near Johannesburg, on the first of April and their ballsy move left plenty of witnesses.

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Police reports demonstrate that the robbers first shot the van’s tires before moving towards it in two separate cars,a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW, to reap the rewards inside – clearly a highly planned maneuver. A representative of the South African Police Service included: “The watchmen were constrained out of the vehicle before the suspects blew their money van up with explosives. The suspects took an undisclosed measure of cash in real money boxes. They then fled the scene in two vehicles.”

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Police said while the guards were not injured in the incident, a passing motorist suffered minor injuries when a door blown from the van hit his car, causing a collision. South Africa has experienced a few brazen heists carried out in the open, with the police seemingly unable to keep up. In the distance, smoke can be seen billowing into the air. Seconds later, a thunderous boom echoes out before car doors from an armored van carrying cash are catapulted into the sky.


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Check out the video below so you can experience how it all went down!