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Rock Bouncer Crash Compilation 13

We love these kinds of compilations, and the crew at Busted Knuckle always puts together the best ones. Crash Comps are full of what makes off-roading one of the most popular and fastest growing segments of motorsports in the world today. While we never wish for anybody to be injured or have their rigs torn up, we all know that’s a big part of what makes the sport so appealing: at any given moment, these competitors could be staring death in the face with only the slightest bobble or misstep.

Since they’re always pushing the envelope, these guys find themselves staring at the sky as their buggy flips or rolls, or they just slam into the obstacles so hard it sends their rig flying off course. They’re all brutal and bone-jarring, but as far as we know, none of these guys sustained any major injuries, a true testament to the strength and durability of these rigs and the excellent safety equipment they use in each build. Thanks as always to the crew at Busted Knuckle Films for yet another installment of Rock Bouncer Crash Compilation, bringing the series to a total of 13 episodes!