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ROCK BOUNCER vs ROCK CRAWLER KOH Shootout 2018 – Rock Rods Ep 51

The baddest video crew in the whole off-roading realm is out in full force at the 2018 King of the Hammers. KOH is one of the largest off-road events and for many signals the kick off of the new season each year. Every February, offroaders from across the nation and around the world converge on Johnson Valley, California for the event, which features a little bit of everything in the offroading realm.

As always, the Busted Knuckle Video crew is on hand to capture as much of the action as possible, especially the events that feature Rock Bouncers and Rock Crawlers, which the BK Video audience love with a passion! Instead of the usual Backdoor Shootout, the organizers decided to throw the rock rig guys a bit of a curveball by seeking out a different route for them to navigate this year, meaning everybody is coming in with a fresh slate with no experience on the new route.

While the name of the game is speed, these guys have to take great care to navigate carefully to keep from breaking parts and having to pull their ride out of the competition. As we’ve seen with these types of events in the past, the teams that have the best luck are the ones that are patient and disciplined while pushing their rigs when the opportunity presents itself. Of course, there are those guys who are a little more “caution to the wind” types to do manage to push through the course with little regard for their rig or their own safety it seems and end up surviving and laying down a good time.

This episode of Rock Rods captures all the action on the Front Door Shootout for you, so grab a drink and a snack and hit that play button and enjoy the action as only Busted Knuckle can bring it straight to you from KOH 2018!