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Rocket-Propelled Bike! Farm Truck Get’s Buck WILD

Rocket-Propelled Bike! Farm Truck Get’s Buck WILD

Today, we bring to you a little video where we catch up with Farm Truck and AZN and of course, the dynamic duo is up to no good again!

We’ve seen several… “unique” builds come from the folds of the group’s mind and today, we’re graced with yet another rig that will blow your mind!

This time when Farm and AZN went to the drawing board, they came out with a rocket-propelled bicycle and to top it all off, they test it out in rush hour traffic, what could possibly go wrong?

Check out the video below as Farm Truck takes the rig out for a little joy ride. What could these two possibly come up with next? Really, we’re dying to find out!

This world record rocket bike reaches speeds over 200mph.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.39.56 AM


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