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Runaway Golf Cart Stops After Crashing Into Fence

Life has a way of surprising us with unexpected twists and turns from time to time. Sometimes, these surprises bring positive changes, while other times, they introduce challenges we’d rather not face.

In a recent incident, a woman by the name of Lisa Bolz had planned a simple day of gardening, hoping to unwind and find solace. Little did she know that her peaceful day would take an unexpected turn when the golf cart she was using to aid her in her gardening suddenly took off without warning.

Home security cameras captured the chaotic scene as the incident unfolded. It appeared that a bag of dirt had inadvertently been placed near the throttle, potentially causing it to become stuck and rendering the brakes ineffective. Within moments, the gas-powered golf cart zoomed away, leaving Bolz in a state of shock and confusion.

Reacting swiftly, Bolz attempted to chase down the runaway vehicle on foot, desperately hoping for a chance to hop in and regain control. Realizing the cart was too fast for her to catch up, she shifted her focus to being present when it eventually came to a stop, aiming to quickly turn it off and prevent any further mishaps.

Fortunately, the golf cart’s reckless journey came to an end before getting too far away. Along the way, it crashed through a fence, breaking it, but eventually slowed down and met a second fence where it finally came to a halt. Bolz was relieved to have the opportunity to recover the cart and bring the unexpected adventure to an end.

While the incident may have disrupted Bolz’s peaceful day of gardening, we’re sure that this will provide a fun story for the Bolz family that they most certainly won’t soon be forgetting. Below, we catch up with the story as presented by Inside Edition.

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