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Russian Dude Fabricates A Snowmobile From A Chainsaw And A Kids Sled

For a while now, whenever I’ve heard the word “Russian”, it’s either been something else about Trump colluding with them to win the election or a couple of guys doing some crazy stuff on camera. I mean, think about it: Russian daredevils have basically led to the phrase “that’s so Russian” being used to describe crazy, over-the-top stunts or contraptions.

This YouTuber known as Kreosan has a knack for creating things that are not only cool, but actually somewhat practical, although I’m pretty sure this projects falls somewhere outside the pragmatic definition and lands somewhere closer to “ehhh, that sounds like fun, let’s try it.”

Kreosan has built his own personal snowmobile out of a kids ride-on sleigh and a powerful old chainsaw engine. Now, if that’s not so perfect Russian, I don’t know what is! It’s not as crazy as it sounds, though, and as I said, the end product is actually pretty cool and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Starting with your run-of-the-mill ride on sled, our host disassembles the frame and rebuilds it, using most of the original parts with a few extra measures in place to beef things up a bit and to make mounting places for the engine, suspension, and drive wheel. This isn’t rocket science, but the setup does require some fabrication, although I feel most anybody, especially anybody who is a competent welder, could recreate this pretty easily if they wanted to.

He rebuilds the frame, mocks up the engine, drive chain, fuel tank and suspension, then bolts it all together and takes it for a test drive. With the little six horsepower engine fired up, the snow scooter seems to work pretty well, if admittedly a bit unstable at speed.

With a little tweaking, this could be a lot of fun, especially if Kreosan can work out the geometry to make it more stable at speed. We’ll have to see if he keeps working at it to make it even better!

Creating A Snowmobile With A Sleigh And A Chainsaw

Sleigh + chainsaw = snowmobile

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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