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Rusty Old $250 Pickup Shocks Nissan GT-R

In the scheme of drag racing, there are all sorts of different ways to get to an end goal. Today, we’re going to talk about two that are a bit less common than most. With this set of builds, we get the chance to check out a truck that was saved from certain death. We also get to witness one that was plucked from a working fleet and turned into something a little bit more fun.

First up at the plate, we get to check out an old school Dodge.

As the Dodge Ram sat beside a building, its fate looked to be sealed. Other similar instances would have had the smart money being bet on it rotting into the ground. After all, there aren’t too many cars that are saved from being left to sit. Those that do find rescue are generally desirable muscle cars or those with great value. For this particular truck, though, a deal for $250 would allow it to be given one last lease on life. Its new owner certainly had a vision.

Before long, some parts would be thrown at it as it would receive the driveline from a Silverado 2500. With its newfound LS truck motor and 4L80e transmission, things were looking up. Once a shot of nitrous was introduced into the equation, things really began to get serious.

Up next, we check out a truck with another story of being saved from a life of mediocrity.

This time, it is a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 similar to the one in our previous story. However, instead of being a donor truck, this one would be the project itself. Complete with a stake body, the truck doesn’t look like it has much to offer. When introduced to turbo power, though, the truck will never look back.

In addition to operating on a shoestring budget and looking like something straight off of a job site, this truck has found its way into our hearts in another way. Regardless of how fast it’s going, the owner promises that the engine has never been opened up. It’s still even running the factory camshaft!

By following along in the BigKleib34 video below, we get the lowdown on these sleepers that lit up the track at Street Car Takeover’s Maryland event. After checking these ones out, we’ll never look at an old work truck in the same way again!

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