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Rusty Old Rat Rod Gives Dodge Demon A Run For Its Money

No matter what it is that’s lining up in the next lane over, in a lot of drag racing, we have to learn to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a brand-new Dodge Demon or an old rat rod that looks like it’s on its last leg, anything could be fast. After all, some of the fastest machines that one will find at the drag strip on any given weekend might be built in someone’s garage. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expertly engineered in order to be something that will leave jaws on the floor as it blows past all the competition.

This time, we meet with a race that goes down between a Demon and an old rat rod. Now, this rat rod isn’t necessarily doing anything to hide the fact that it intends to beat down the opposition on the drag strip. I mean, it’s kind of hard to skirt around the performance heritage that comes with a big old turbo hanging off the front of the vehicle. It’s basically calling out anybody who even looks in its general direction. However, no matter what’s in the lane next to the Dodge Demon, we almost always expect the Demon to put up a good flight. After all, it’s arguably the best drag racing oriented factory performance vehicle to ever roll off of an assembly line.

By following along with the video below, we get to check out this pair of insane performers as they go head-to-head. Sure, the rat rod might have a little bit more rust on it than the Demon that looks like it just came out of the factory. However, it most certainly looks like the rust here is designed to lull the opposition to sleep while it ends up pushing its way to victory. Once that turbo spools, we know it’s on!