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Save of the Year! – Verstappen Spins Out at Full Speed, Recovers in Epic Fashion to Continue Racing

Watching the best Formula One drivers in action can be absolutely awe-inspiring. At any given moment, these madmen are chugging around the track at insane speeds, making the most of every dollar spent on the cars that are, for all intents and purposes, the pinnacle of engineering. Taking every corner as quickly as possible is a must as drivers put together every section of the track to create the perfect race.

Even though some of the top drivers in the world might make it look easy, we can assure you that it’s anything but. This is why some of the elite drivers have found a way to create quite the gap between themselves and the rest of the field.

One of the sport’s top contenders, Max Verstappen, would show the world exactly why it is that he has earned his title as one of the best. It all happened in qualifying during a wet lap. In this form of racing, even when the rain is coming down, the drivers are still out there on the course, giving it their all. Unfortunately for Verstappen, the conditions would end up getting the best of him as the car would get away from the driver… or so we thought.

In the footage below, we watch the heart-stopping moment as the F1 car looks like it’s at the liberty of momentum when it begins to slide. When losing control of a car at high speed, it’s incredibly difficult to keep it out of the wall, let alone regain control. However, after spinning a complete 360°, Verstappen somehow figured out not only how to keep the car undamaged but also to keep it on track as he continued the lap as if nothing happened.

Verstappen would end up completing a qualifying session with a p2 starting position. This display brings all new meaning to what it is to be an elite driver.

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