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Saw Blade Traxxas R/C Takes on the Frozen Lake!

Traxxas RC Taken to Frozen Lake With Saw Blades Instead of Wheels

When perusing through the land of YouTube, it can be easy to find answers to questions that we never asked. However, once we find out that somebody’s mind works in a certain way, we can’t help ourselves but dig in and see exactly what the results are going to be. That is precisely what we see in action here as we’re presented with a situation that kind of comes out of left field but definitely has our full attention.

The Star of the show this time is none other than a Traxxas Xmaxx 8S. As capable as these small but mighty machines are, the remote control trucks generally don’t come from the factory with anything but rubber for tires. However, in this particular example, Fivo Nine, the creator behind this video took it upon himself to hook up his particular Xmaxx with the likes of a couple of 7-1/4 inch saw blades for wheels.

From there, the remote control truck was taken to a nearby frozen-over lake to see exactly how the sawblades could handle the frozen tundra. At the end of the day, we aren’t necessarily sure that this is the most efficient way to get things done but it definitely has our attention, wondering if this thing will be able to grab traction and go or if it’s just going to sit in one place and slice through the ice.

By following along with the video down below, we get to see what happens when someone decides to take on such a wacky idea like this. The creator recommends not to try this one at home because it might just damage a little bit of carpet. To be honest, we were kind of picturing one of those sawblades going flying at some point. Thankfully, this little truck didn’t take anybody’s eyes out!