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Scary Moment Unfolds As One Key Fob Unlocks Two Cars

As we move toward the future, it seems like more and more things are being digitalized and involved with electronics. For example, in the world of automobiles, pretty much everywhere we look, electronics are tied into one system or another. From the way that fuel is delivered to the engine all the way to the myriad of tech that we have inside of the cabin, everything seems to be a little bit more complex these days. Just look at the fact that it’s hard to even find a car without Bluetooth on today’s market! That’s not always a bad thing, either, because when everything is working, technology can really accomplish some great things.

However, on the other hand, with more electronics at our fingertips come more things that could possibly go wrong. Generally speaking, a mechanical system is far less likely to malfunction than an electronic system. When a mechanical system does fail, the fix is generally going to be a little bit simpler. This time, we take a chance to dive into the perfect example of how an electronic might malfunction in a way that’s downright scary. In fact, if something like this happened to us, we almost immediately be on the phone with the manufacturer looking for answers.

In the video below, we find a couple of Nissan Micra hatchbacks. The cars parked next to each other are the same model. Obviously, this is something that happens quite regularly as very few of us drive vehicles that aren’t commonly found around the city. However, these two might have had more in common than the owners would’ve thought. When the owner of one of these vehicles came out to the parking garage and attempted to unlock their car, it would also unlock another nearby. Just think about what would happen if this ability got into the wrong hands!


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