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Science Experiment Liquid Nitrogen vs Full Pepsi Can

YouTube Channel MrGear is known for doing all kinds of awesome, educational science experiments, many of which include using everybody’s favorite super-frozen coolant, liquid nitrogen.

In this clip, you’re going to be treated to a first-hand look at what happens when you drop a full can of Pepsi into a liquid nitrogen bath, and it’s definitely not what you’d expect. Liquid nitrogen is around -350 degrees, so it is cold enough to actually cause the liquid inside the can to freeze solid in a matter of seconds. That’s why after the brief dip in the nitrogen, the can withstands some serious blows from MrGear’s hammer, when normally a blow from a hammer like that would tear right through the aluminum with ease. Once the can is opened up, you can see that the liquid inside is more like glass instead of ice.

This is definitely a cool experiment to watch, but be very careful if you decide to replicate it, as liquid nitrogen causes severe frostbite immediately upon contact with skin!