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Science Experiment Liquid Nitrogen vs Lock

Liquid nitrogen is one of those things that you can’t seem to get away from with every single turn that you make on Youtube and for some reason, we simply don’t want to escape from all of these experiments because each and every one has us entranced on the action.

This time, we check out one of YouTube’s favorite experimenters in Mr. Gear as he takes liquid nitrogen and soaks a variety of objects from peppers to padlocks in it and goes at them with a hammer, seeing how easy it will be for each to shatter under the pressure.

It might seem like using a simple hammer to shatter a padlock would be nearly impossible but when liquid nitrogen is thrown into the mix, just about anything is possible. Both the softest and hardest of materials change states and becoming incredibly brittle, creating an interesting mix.

Check out the video below as Mr. Gear brings it with another high-quality science experiment that shows you exactly how the reaction happens. What can you think of that would be an interesting opponent for the likes of liquid nitrogen and a hammer?