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Secrets of the Military’s SR-71 Blackbird Unleashed

Some folks are better at containing their curiosity than others but as human nature would dictate, those things that we aren’t allowed to know about might just be the things that we want to know about the most. There’s just something about a secret that makes you adjust your attention in a certain way because everybody wants to be in on the secret. Sometimes, especially when it comes to military technology, secrets can be necessary. While we can’t learn about certain concepts and designs during the time of their implementation for obvious reasons, when they’re later retired, sometimes, we can take a critical look at what made them great and how the military can tend to be eons ahead.

When it comes to the SR–71 Blackbird, this might be one of the most popular vehicles in military history. It seems like, for this spy plane, interest was at an incredible high when folks eventually found out about it managed to pull off physics defying maneuvers. After all, it’s kind of hard to deny how cool a top secret spy plane is, especially one that is able to travel at three times the speed of sound. Pulling away the layers of engineering behind this incredible machine is a journey that is definitely what fictional pieces of literature are made of, except this time, it resides in reality.

For those who tend to be among the curious bunch with the need for speed, the video below does a great job of digging into some other features deployed by this aircraft that seem to be far ahead of their time. After checking this one out from nose to tail, dissecting some of the nuances of engineering invested in making this project a success, it might even lead one to wonder what exactly secret tech looks nowadays since the year 2019 marks the 20 year anniversary of this plane’s retirement.

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