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Wait Until You See What Seafoam Did to this Engine

If you’ve never heard of Seafoam, basically the chemical is designed to clean out your entire engine by inserting it in various systems to de-gunk them and displace any water that may exist there. The concoction has proven to be rather controversial on the web, calling for various car channels to test it out to see if it works and naturally, for opinions to fly every which way as it’s incredibly rare for people to keep quiet with something controversial like this and it’s interesting to see how the conversation unfolds.

However, this time, a YouTuber by the name of Project Farm has a couple of questions about how exactly his truck would respond to the Seafoam. Dumping it straight into your oil does raise a couple of questions as it feels like a rather unnatural process as you’d otherwise want nothing to enter your oil or your fuel but I guess that others have had success with it so following in their footsteps couldn’t be all that dangerous, right? After all that speculation, there’s really only one way that you could get to the bottom of it all.

Check out the video below as this Ford Ranger chugs a can of Seafoam and we’re riding along to see the results. We also get an interesting walkthrough of some of the slight issues that the engine in question might have been experiencing beforehand versus how it responded along with a quick non-scientific visual analysis of what the chemical ended up doing to the oil. After seeing all of this and being able to process what the chemical does, is Seafoam something that you’ve ever used in a car or is it maybe something that you’d ever consider dumping into your ride for a little bit of maintenance to make sure everything continues rolling smoothly?