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Step Inside The World’s Most Expensive Yacht ($4.8B)

When it comes to being rich, sometimes, it can be easy to just lump all people into one category. What’s easy to forget is that there are people who are just normal rich and then there are people who are unfathomably rich with exorbitant amounts of money. The folks that fall into the latter category should be able to go out and pretty much buy whatever they want. For instance, not just any wealthy individual can go out and purchase the yacht featured in this article.

Instead, the asking price of “History Supreme” is in the $4.8 billion range, or so the rumor mill says, which makes this the most expensive yacht on earth. Let’s just say that the person behind this one got a little bit wild when they picked out all of the pieces that put together the puzzle of the yacht of their dreams. The build list seems like someone with a ton of money was just trying to spend it all but it came together quite nicely. 

Right from the get-go, a hull coated with gold tells us that this is going to be a wild ride. Inside, it gets even wilder as we find every amenity that one could ever ask for in a five-star hotel and then some. Not only are the materials top-notch as well but they take it to a whole new level. They say that inside, one will find materials like dinosaur bone and even meteorite rock to complete the interior. It doesn’t get much crazier than that.

Down in the video below, we get to tour what might be one of the craziest yachts ever created. Put this thing next to pretty much any other vessel on planet Earth and it’s making the neighbors look like they’re flat broke. It’s not even the biggest yacht in existence but with all of the crazy choices packed into this one, it finds its way to be the most expensive and probably the most excessive as well!