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Selling Million Dollar Cars Could Be Easier Than You Think

Anyone who was ever sold an automobile knows that it can be rather difficult. Dealing with people can be, well, most can probably complete that sentence. Let’s just say that dealing with customers can be far from easy sometimes. People have a way of taking something that should be simple and completely confusing the matter. Before long, one might even find themselves in a situation where they never want to sell anything again.

However, selling a car on Facebook marketplace is a little bit different than selling a high-end exotic. We could see, though, how both might carry some similar challenges. Finding somebody who’s willing to drop seven figures on a car might just be a little bit different than selling your truck for $20,000.

This time, thanks to a VINWiki feature, we get to hear little bit about the art of high-end car sales. As it turns out, the market is pretty much entirely different. Omar from Chicago Motor Cars is here to explain. To do that, he tells us the story of a Ferrari F40.

Instead of shopping these cars to a wide variety of random people, it seems like dealers have a more precise clientele. Perhaps this is a space where knowing a guy could be a good way to end up with a good deal. After all, we could definitely see how someone could get taken advantage of if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for here. Trust seems to be a big deal in the high-end auto market.

By following along with the video below, we get to hear about how a transaction like this is taken on. It almost seems like this is a world where people don’t exactly shop directly for themselves. Instead, dealers exchange cars and find clients that would be a good fit for them. While we’re sure it comes with its fair share of stress, we would probably take this over a “regular” sale process any day of the week.

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