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Sent to Jail Over “Stolen” Rental Car She Returned

The notion of being able to rent a car and travel to your desired destination might initially appear as a convenient and hassle-free option. However, for a select unlucky few, the reality of renting a ride can quickly transform into a terrifying and life-changing experience clouded with unexpected challenges.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car isn’t the only company to encounter such mishaps, but it recently faced scrutiny for an incident that escalated out of control, resulting in the unjust imprisonment of an innocent customer. In this instance, Enterprise Las Vegas made an administrative blunder that would later land them in court.

The crux of the matter stemmed from Enterprise erroneously reporting a Kia Sedona as stolen back in 2016, despite the customer having returned the vehicle in a timely manner. Despite possessing proof in the form of an email confirming the return, Enterprise failed to halt the filing of a criminal report, a negligence that would come back to haunt them years later.

Fast forward to August 2023, and the repercussions of this error came crashing down on the unsuspecting woman who found herself behind bars for six agonizing days, all while her children bore witness to the traumatic arrest. Not only did she lose precious time that can never be reclaimed, but she was also subjected to the distress of incarceration, leaving a scarring mark on both her and her children.

Regrettably, this isn’t an isolated incident, as rental giant Hertz has similarly subjected its customers to comparable ordeals. All too often, these incidents boil down to mere bookkeeping errors, a lapse in judgment that should never be tolerated, especially in cases as serious as alleged car theft.

Considering these missteps, it’s crucial to hold these rental companies accountable for their actions. To prevent such travesties from happening again, it seems most obvious to implement stringent checks and balances, such as assigning dedicated personnel to verify customer records before involving law enforcement. – @stevelehto

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