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Undercover Investigation Shows How to NOT Get Ripped Off by Rental Car Companies

As consumers, we frequently run into industries where deceptive practices seem to be all too common. Let’s just say that these industries may get a little bit too comfortable with doing things like attaching unexplainable fees to transactions. Perhaps, in other cases, some of the more underhanded corporations within these industries might even mislead customers entirely, making them think that they purchased one thing, only to swap out the service later.

As it just so happens, one of these industries happens to be that of the rental car industry. For anyone who has made their way around the rental car industry, there’s a good chance that they’ve run into at least one of these problems if not multiple. We aren’t necessarily saying that every business within the industry is guilty but unfortunately, there are a lot of common underhanded practices that take place in the world of rentals.

This time, though, CBC News takes on an undercover investigation in order to expose some of these rip-off practices and bring them to light. In addition, we get a little bit of helpful information that we can protect ourselves with. Just in case someone finds themselves in one of these precarious situations, perhaps this information can be used to act as a guardian over our wallets!

Down in the video below, we check out how one particular rental car outlet that has been accused of everything from tacking on extra fees to being downright money-grabbing performs when the undercover cameras are rolling.

If there’s one thing that we certainly can’t stand, it’s businesses that use deceptive practices to take advantage of their customers. At the end of the day, though, regulations have been put in place so that things like this don’t happen as often. Knowing your way around a rental car transaction can also be a big help as well.

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