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Shawn Resurrects “The ’55” With ProCharged LS3 (First Start Up!)

When we turn into an episode of Street Outlaws, most of the time is consumed by seeing drivers wheeling their fastest ride. However, just like any other automotive enthusiast, many of the cast members of the show are looking to expand upon their collection. It just so happens that a lot of these folks tend to have a little bit of money to play with as well which means that they have some pretty interesting options open to them.

This time, though, when we join in with Shawn Ellington a.k.a. Murder Nova, we check out a project that he’s had for quite a while. However, recently, Shawn has decided to switch things up a little bit. As the car has been sitting for some time, it was finally time to give it a fresh breath of life.

With a little bit of love, this machine would receive the heart of a lion. In this particular episode, we get to watch the resurrection – part seven, which sees the ProCharged heart come to life. The engine of choice is a 416 cubic inch LS3 that should pair together nicely with the forced induction.

If there’s anybody who knows about the excitement of the first start-up of a new combination, it’s Ellington. We’re sure that he’s turned over the key for the first time on a variety of different occasions. This time should certainly be no different as it always seems to be a nerve-racking experience, making sure everything is done just right and that the moment of truth is going to be a successful one.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in on the latest steps of this project. If everything has been done properly, the engine should roar to life, presenting us with an entirely new and revised ’55 Chevy that it’s going to be quite the machine when Ellington lays into the throttle.

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