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She Searches Everywhere, And Just Can’t Find Where To Fill Up Her Tesla

I’m just not really sure what to say about this. While I certainly laughed out loud while watching this, I have to say I can kind of understand this young woman’s struggle, at least from an empathetic standpoint.

I’ll be completely honest, until last week, I had no idea where the charging port was located on a Tesla. Of course, I DID know that you wouldn’t find a filler for a gas tank on any Tesla ever built, though, so if I ever did find myself behind the wheel of one of the modern marvels, I wouldn’t be stopped at a gas station trying to fill it up.

I will give this young lady some credit for the thoroughness of her search for a filler neck. Not only did she actually find the charging port, which in theory would be the place where you add fuel to a Tesla, she also went ahead and looked in the truck, just for good measure. This, of course, after wandering all the way around the car a couple of times in search of a fuel door.

Of course, I can’t help but wonder why she would stop for fuel anyway. I seriously doubt the car has a fuel gauge, although it may have a “charge remaining” type indicator that she mistook for fuel level. If that’s the case, and it’s low enough to prompt her to stop to fill up, I hope she is able to find somewhere close by to charge the car. If not, she may be in for a much more embarrassing situation in very short order.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who assumes this isn’t her car, but perhaps a ride she’s borrowed for the day without the owner thinking to fill her in on the intricacies of driving an all-electric car. Maybe that’s why she found herself in the gas station, I know when I borrow a vehicle, it’s only polite to fill it up before returning it back to the owner.

Either way, these guys had a justifiably good laugh, then went over to let the lady know the error of her ways. Hopefully, she made it wherever she was going without running out of juice!



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