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She Thinks Her Husband Spends Too Much Time, And Money On His Corvette, Steve Harvey Disagrees

As automotive enthusiasts, sometimes, we can be a misunderstood bunch. When you start to talk about it out loud, you could definitely understand why most people in normal society who aren’t crazy about cars might not exactly quite understand what we do. After all, just imagine trying to explain to somebody why it is that you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just to shave a couple of seconds off of your quarter-mile time. To us, we realize how big of a venture this is and how rewarding it can be but to the average person, it might not make very much sense at all.

For many of us, this type of thought process carries over into relationships as well. Sometimes, even when you’re so close to somebody that you want to move in and live with them or potentially spend your life with them, it can be hard to explain why exactly the bank account is being depleted for something that isn’t really all that tangible to most folks. This time, we check out just that unfolding as a husband and wife make their way to the Steve Harvey show at which point, the wife inquires with Steve about what exactly she should do about a situation where her husband had a Chevrolet Corvette that they could both take leisurely drives on but has now become more racing machine that she can’t manage to wrap her head around.

What happens next is pretty hilarious as Harvey comes up with a very, well, “Steve Harvey” answer as he tells us that she might’ve picked the wrong person to ask the question to as he happens to be a bit of an automotive aficionado himself and even collects cars, saying that the car in the picture is a pretty awesome ride, to top it all off. I’m not quite sure if that’s the answer that she was expecting but it seems to be one that her husband definitely approves of.

Hey Steve: The Car is Taking His Attention

They've been married for years, but his car is getting all the attention. What should she do? Watch today at 2p on Steve TV Show!

Posted by NBC DFW on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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