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Sherp Owner Challenges WhistlinDiesel – “If You Get it Stuck, You Can Have It!”

In the off-road community, there are millions of dollars spent and dedicated to one goal and one goal only. The high-dollar industry is entirely dedicated to not getting stuck. No matter what the terrain, all sorts of manufacturers, both primary and aftermarket, partake in trying to make a vehicle that will not bow down to the elements.

In most cases, even with the optimal setup, it’s going to also take a smart driver to not get a vehicle stuck in the mud or sand. However, when it comes to the vehicle that goes by the name of the Sherp, it has made a reputation for even allowing bad drivers to not get stuck. The machine even boasts that it makes it impossible to get stuck.

This time, things are taken to a new level entirely. Instead of a driver that’s good or bad naturally, the challenge is to drive as recklessly as possible. Essentially, the goal at hand here is to be very good at being bad, if that makes sense. In other words, the driver behind the wheel here who goes by the name of WhistlinDiesel on YouTube is going to try his hardest to get the Sherp stuck.

So what happens if he’s successful at being unsuccessful? According to the guidelines, our host will be able to go home with a Sherp of his very own. Since these things boast quite the price tag, starting at over six-figures, so that’s a rather intense prize.

It also provides a pretty decent marketing opportunity for the company behind the machine if WD can’t manage to get the job done. After all,  imagine the capabilities of one of these things if one of the most reckless YouTubers around can’t manage to stop it from moving.

By following along with the video below, we check out the ultimate challenge to flex that off-road ability.