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Shifter Kart on Thin Ice is the Dangerous Kind of Fun we’re all Dying to Have

Sometimes, in life, you need to do things that push the envelope just a little bit. Now, we aren’t necessarily pushing you toward going out and doing dangerous things but sometimes you need to figure out where the limits lie. Who knows, you might have a story to tell after and give yourself that little bit of a rush that you need. Now, we don’t want to see a whole bunch people going out of doing dangerous stuff and hurting themselves but watching it on YouTube certainly starts give you ideas of what you can do with just the right tools at your disposal to have fun with.

Now, even at 145k subscribers, I can’t say that I have ever heard of the C-Boys before, for some reason, however, now that I have managed to stumble upon their channel, you can consider me subscribed and I think that you might just find yourself in the same situation after you watch this video. In the flick that we can probably all relate to as most of us have probably gone out and done some pretty outrageous and exciting things in our youth, this group takes their shifter kart and after trying and failing to stud the tires, slaps it on ice to see exactly how it performs.

Now, the result isn’t exactly as you would expect, if you thought they would have any sort of traction success in the matter, however, what they did succeed at was having a great time and producing a flick that’s tons of fun to watch. There’s just something about how these guys push that shifter kart on the ice that really makes you want to go hang out with them for a day and see what kind of crazy stuff they manage to come up with. Be sure to follow along with their antics down below and tell us what you think of this foolery happening out on the thin ice!