Shortest Airplane Landing Ever… World Record

This is almost impossible to believe, but I did a little digging and it certainly ...

This is almost impossible to believe, but I did a little digging and it certainly seems to be legitimately the shortest landing ever recorded for any non-VTOL airplane. While there’s no numbers mentioned in the video or description, we can tell the plane only rolls about half the length of its fuselage when it drops onto the tarmac, meaning it had to move no farther than about 8’ or so before coming to a stop.

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Equally impressive, at least in my opinion, was the plane’s takeoff, which appeared to only require the plane to move about one plane-length before taking flight. We have to assume this little plane is made of the lightest possible materials while using the most powerful engine available to give it a huge thrust-to-weight ratio, making these ridiculous maneuvers possible.

I know in my recent flights it seems like the planes all need about a half mile to build up the speed needed to take flight. Obviously, that is a massive, fully-loaded commercial airliners that are carrying literally tons of people and cargo on top of it’s many-times-larger and heavier fuselage.

This got us talking around the audience and piqued our interest so we’d like to hear what is the most impressive driving or flying you’ve ever seen? We have tons of video on the site about great driving and awesome pilot skills, so dig around and see which one grabs your attention, or maybe you already know who you’d nominate. If you have video, that would be best, but we would love to know who tops your list for most impressive wheelman or wheelman out there. Post up some links on our timeline and let us know who you pick and you just mind find your video being shared on the site or our social media!

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