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Sidney Frigo’s NHRA Pro Mod Hits The Fueltech Dyno

If there’s one thing that we can bank on for sure, it’s that there will be no shortage of monsters on the FuelTech hub dyno. While it might be hard to get around these days, there’s no need to fret because FuelTech is bringing us all of this glorious goodness straight from their YouTube channel.

This time, we jump into another machine that dreams are made of. In fact, when this thing really gets cranking, you might just find a little bit of drool collecting at the corner of your mouth. It’s just that awesome as the world-famous hub dyno brings another screamin’ monster at us.

The culprit this time is a mean ride that competes in the NHRA Pro Mod class. With speeds blasting past 250 mph in the quarter mile, there is no shortage of adrenaline when these cars are put in motion.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, FuelTech tells us that it “Prevented Brazilian businessman and owner of Artivinco Racing, Sidnei “Grandao” Frigo, from competing in NHRA national competitions for 2020. As the world looks to get back to normal in 2021, expect to see Frigo back in NHRA Pro Mod action and he is bringing a brand-new ProCharger combination from Pro Line Racing with him.”

With this video, though, we get to go inside the Jerry Bickel Race Cars 1969 Camaro that features a new all-billet Pro Line Racing HEMI engine and ProCharger F-3R-140 supercharger.

FuelTech fills us in on some of the juicy details, telling us that “A FuelTech FT600 was selected because of its reliability and option-packed menu of functions when controlling all aspects of the combination. The FT600, along with the other FTPower engine management systems (FT550, FT550 Lite, and FT450) are capable of sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Traction Control, Boost Controller, PRO-Nitrous Controller, and much more.”

They continue to speak on the standard LCD display that ties these features together, helping drivers with real-time data and allowing them to make alterations without a PC. How convenient is that!?

Also onboard, we find the FTSPARK Gen 2 CDI system “Offering a guaranteed 750mj of energy at 140 amps of current at the primary coil,” says FuelTech. Finally, FT continues, that “The team coupled the FTSPARK Gen 2 with a set of FuelTech smart coils to ensure the methanol fuel lights off properly when compressed by over 50 psi of boost from the ProCharger supercharger. For those who need more spark then there is the newly released FTSPARK EXTREME and its minimum rating of 1,500mj and 175 amps of current at the primary coil. Every FTSPARK box is tested prior to boxing to guarantee it performs as advertised, giving racers confidence that the CDI ignition is the best on the market.”

Below, we check in with the car that’s powerful beyond the comprehension of most. It’ll be a blast to see this thing making waves in 2021 and beyond as it is said to be a championship contender!