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Silverado Pace-truck leads Daytona 500, First Time EVER!

Silverado Pace-truck leads Daytona 500, First Time EVER!

The features report that General Motors is wagering on self-driving electric Rivian pickup trucks. Be that as it may, this end of the week, GM’s Chevy image will pace the field in the Daytona 500’s first-since forever pace-truck — the hands-on V-8-controlled Silverado pickup. In the driver’s seat? None other than NASCAR dashing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. The blue pace truck is a piece of a national showcasing rush for the all-new Silverado — revamped starting from the earliest stage for 2019 — that is the most astounding volume, a most-productive vehicle that GM fabricates. With 585,582 out of 2018 deals, the full-measure pickup was second just to enduring deals pioneer Ford F-Series as the smash hit a truck in America. Include offers of the Silverado, sister GMC Sierra and average size Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, and GM sold 973,471 pickups a year ago — more than some other automaker.

The trucks are money dairy animals that feed GM’s aggressive interest in electric and self-governing vehicles, including a conceivable bit of Rivian, an electric pickup producer which guarantees a semi-self-sufficient, 400-mile run EV pickup for the 2021 model year. However, for the 2019 model year, it’s about Silverado. The new Silverado is recognized by its restricted headlights and grille — structure components adjusted from the Chevy Camaro muscle vehicle, which will race against NASCAR Ford Mustangs and Toyota Camry for the 500 win. Before the pickup, Chevrolet has paced the Daytona 500 twelve times with pace vehicles: seven with Camaro and five with Corvette.

GM guarantees an innovative fate of “zero accidents, zero crashes and zero blockage” including driverless, robot electric vehicles. Yet, Sunday’s race will include a standout amongst the most conspicuous drivers ever, Earnhardt Jr., himself a two-time victor of the 500. “I’ve had a great deal of fun and a ton of progress at Daytona throughout the years, and now I can hardly wait to get out on that track in a Silverado,” he said. “Far from the track I’ve driven Chevy trucks for my entire life, and I’m eager to have this one of a kind affair of pacing the Daytona 500.”Earnhardt isn’t the main big name face behind at the truck’s steerage. Emmet Brickowski, the vivified star of “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” directs a Lego adaptation of the truck through a limited time advertisement for the film now in theaters.

The truck additionally shows up in the film. Lego built a full-measure variant of the Silverado that appeared at the Detroit automobile expo in January. The Lego truck is at the Chicago Auto Show this week as a feature of a national show visit. Chevy is flooding the wireless transmissions with three national promotions for the Silverado to tout its light-weighted steel suspension, stand out bed size and remote-drop back end. In any case, for Daytona, the main thing on Sunday is the truck’s 106-mph top speed as Earnhardt puts the mallet down and stands out of race vehicles to the green banner. Henry Payne is an auto commentator for The Detroit News. Discover him at [email protected] or Twitter @HenryEPayne. Catch “Vehicle Radio with Henry Payne” from early afternoon 2 p.m. Saturdays on 910 AM Superstation.