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Skateboard Wheel Vs A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Slow Motion

There’s something about the internet and videos of things being destroyed that goes together about as well as eggs and bacon. People will use whatever means they can to destroy objects in the most creative and interesting ways possible and one of the latest trending machines that helps to carry out this objective as the waterjet. Basically, how it works is, the machine will spray a highly concentrated and powerful jet of water at 60,000 PSI and slice through just about anything in front of it. Therefore, you get a nice and clean cut most of the time, showing you what’s inside of whatever object you want to bring into question.

This time, going up against the waterjet, art collection of skateboarding products. First and foremost, the guys test out to see what happens when the wheels are put up against the waterjet. This one doesn’t end up going as smoothly as they anticipated the wheel stretches out and swings across the factory! Up next, the guys are slicing open the skateboard, metal trucks and all, to see what lies inside before digging into a pair of skate shoes with a clean cut that allows you to see what the inner workings and construction of what you’re wearing your feet looks like.

Follow along with the display down in the video below that shows you exactly what happens when these everyday products go up against one of the most powerful streams of water that you will ever lay your eyes on. There aren’t too many things you use in regular life that would be able to stand up to such a powerful stream and watching them be obliterated by such a stream is incredibly satisfying to say the least. After watching this one for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this display.

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